I firmly believe that entertainment is a key ingredient to the success of any wedding.   In this blog post I am going to share with you why I feel that wedding entertainment is so important together with some tips and advice for planning your wedding entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment


The ingredients to a successful wedding

When I meet my brides and grooms for the first time, they often come to me with ideas about the type of venue they would like for their wedding, the style of flowers, the ceremony and possibly the food.   But all too often they neglect to mention in this first conversation anything at all about the entertainment.   And when they think about their budget, the entertainment will often come way down the list in terms of proportion of the total spend.

I am not saying this is true for every couple, but it tends to be a recurring theme.

It is only having had a conversation with my couples about the importance of “the guest experience”, that they can then appreciate just how important good entertainment can be in making a wedding a “stand out” experience.  I firmly believe that entertainment is a crucial factor for any wedding, and when sufficient planning and investment is devoted to this element of the day,  most couples will tell me that following their wedding day,  many of their guests have commented that “it was the best wedding they have ever been to.”

Why is Wedding Entertainment so Important

I ask you, the reader, to think back to weddings you have attended as a guest when there has been little or no entertainment laid on for the guests.   And ask yourself, have parts of the day been boring?  Have you been checking your watch and waiting impatiently for the next part of the day to start?   So many couples tell me that this is what they don’t want at their wedding – because they have been  guests at too many weddings where this has been the case.

Think back again to these same weddings and imagine if the couple had added in some entertainment at each stage of the day.  How different would the experience have been?

I talk often about “the guest experience”.  I ask my couples to think not only about their enjoyment of their wedding day, but also the guests’ enjoyment.

Of course it is important to plan, design and deliver all of the other key elements – venue, ceremony, food and drink,  styling and décor,   but you also need to ensure that you  keep your guests constantly engaged throughout the day and evening .    If you do this, I promise you that your wedding will stand out from all of the others that you and your guests have attended in the past.

Wedding Entertainment Advice

Your day can be broken down into the key stages:

  • Ceremony
  • Drinks Reception
  • Wedding Meal
  • Party

All too often, the only paid for entertainment is provided for the party, but in my opinion you should be providing entertainment at every stage of the day.

Ceremony Entertainment

How about including some live music as guests arrive, to accompany you down the aisle, for during the signing of the register and for when you exit.  This could be simply a pianist, or a singer or harpist but for something alternative, you could think about adding in a surprise performance –  which could even involve the musicians sitting amongst the guests and then bursting into song as you exit from the ceremony venue.

Ceremony entertainment need not cost a fortune, and sometimes you might have friends or relatives who are musical and would love to be involved.  This is a good time to utilise their services and it keeps the wedding ceremony very personal.

Drinks Reception

The drinks reception can be a difficult time for guests who do not know others.  It can also have a very “flat” atmosphere if there is nothing going on and if people are simply standing around for a lengthy period whilst you have your photographs taken.     At this time you could provide,  for example,  a roaming acoustic band who would circulate amongst the guests, or a magician or other alternative entertainer.  Whatever entertainment you add in here will lift the atmosphere and create a positive vibe which will continue throughout the day.


WeddingEntertainemnt - Roaming Acoustic band


Wedding Meal

In my opinion,   if you are planning a live band for your evening party, I would have them throughout the meal (if there is space for a stage and a dance floor).  This would allow you to have dancing sets between courses and create a heightened party vibe from the very beginning.   And if there is no space for dancing, your guests can dance around the tables.  I have even had guests dancing on their chairs at weddings.

Wedding Entertainment - dancing on chairs 2


Wedding Entertainemnt - dancing on chairs


If none of this is feasible,  or doesn’t appeal,  think about having some “table” entertainment to keep guests amused and engaged throughout the meal.

And if paid for entertainment is not within the budget, plan some of your own.  At a recent wedding,  where the place cards and menus were origami style aeroplanes (in keeping with the world travel theme),  we had an impromptu paper aeroplane throwing contest, table by table with a grand finale for the winners.  And at another wedding,  we nominated a guest per table to “carve the meat”  and gave each of them a chefs hat and apron.   Both of these did not cost a penny,  but they created interest and excitement and had guests talking about it for a long time afterwards.

Wedding day chefs


I am sure very few of you will disagree that you need some form of entertainment for your party, be it a DJ or a live band.  But my advice would be to go for the very best that you can afford and ensure that your party “rocks”.  The better the entertainment,  the longer your guests will stay on the dance floor.

And if your budget will stretch – and your venue allows –  a late evening firework display provides the perfect finale to your day.

I hope this post on wedding entertainment has been helpful and if wedding entertainment had not previously been high on your agenda, it will now be a priority.   If you would like further advice or assistance with planning your wedding entertainment, contact  me here or by telephone on 07734 976459 or by email at michelle@elegantebymichellej.com

Wedding Entertainment - Fireworks